Saturday, March 20, 2010

PLN 18

In the post "Writing with Laptops Yr2" by Dan Maas is about students being able to use laptops in class. It talks about an earlier blog from students in 5Th, 6Th, and 9Th grade who gave the benefits of a laptop. On his blog "Writing with Laptops Yr2" I wrote:
Going into Arapahoe High School gave me new opportunities, especially using a laptop in class. In my English class, my teacher always has us use laptops in class. She has us blog, look up things, do assignments, and many other things. Using laptops in class lets me do things that I couldn't do before. It allows me to look up things that I don't know. It allows me to connect with other teachers and people around the world to learn new things. If we couldn't use laptops next year I think that it would be hard to learn things in school. I believe that I have become a better student now that I have the ability to use laptops in class. I can type up a report, do my homework, or look things up for class.

PLN 17

In the article "MIT's "sixth sense" augmented reality device demonstrated on video" by Paul Miller talks about a new piece of technology. This is a video you have to see to believe. They have taken a very small, portable projector and four different colored objects that go on your fingers that controls the device. This is important to the world because technology is vastly growing and migrating around to different countries. This video is important to the education of inventors because they can take this technology and build something better. This is important to me because this new piece of technology will have an effect on me later on in my life.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

PLN 16

In the article "Storm set to deliver snowy blast to the Front Range" by the Denver Post explains how a snow storm is suspected to hit Colorado on Friday, March 19Th. The high for for Friday is predicted to be 30 with an 80 percent chance of snow. The foothills and northern mountains will most likely get 14 inches of snow. If this storm happens, the Denver region with be icy, blurry, and cold. This is important to the world because it shows people the effects of global warming. This is important to educations because geologists can study the effects and causes of global warming. This is important to me because I live in the state of Colorado and this odd weather pattern has an effect on me.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

PLN 15

In the article “Rockets snap Nugets’ 6-game win streak” by Chris Dempsey explains an unfortunate loss, after a 6-game winning streak, for the Denver Nuggets. With the final 40 seconds the rockets scored 2 points putting them up 122-121. After that, with a turnover and foul by the Nuggets, one of two free throws were made and he Rockets were now up by2 points. Carmelo Anthony scored two points, tying the score. But with a three pointer scored by the Rockets, the Nuggets had lost. This is important to the sporting world because it show the amount of hard work and dedication between the two teams. This is important to the education of the two teams because they'll watch the video of the game and improve on their mistakes. This is important to me because my favorite team is the Nuggets and I would like to see them win every game.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PLN 14

In the article "Boulder wants to trim music for 5th-graders" by Vanessa Miller, is about a Boulder school that plans on cutting music programs for their 5th-graders. They believe that this will allow them to have more learning time in other classes and improve their grades. Trimming down music program time will also cut budgets for the parents of the students. This is important to the world because the importance of a good education is greater than that of a musical education. The schools, children, and parents need to have school come first then music if the student is passing with good grades. This is important to educations because it shows how schools are finding that music class is lowering the grades and focus of students. This is important to me because I play a sport and school needs to come first so that if I don't succeed in my sports I would still have a good education and find another job.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PLN 13

In the article "With six rib fractures, Ritter could be hospitalized four days" by the Denver Post, explains how governor Bill Ritter had gotten injured in a bike accident. Governor Ritter was riding his bike and clipped another persons wheel and fell off, landing on his right side. This is important to the world because the governor plays an important part in how society is ran which affects the world. This is important to education because while Bill Ritter is in the hospital they'll have to find someone to take up his position. This is important to me because he is the person who runs the state I live in.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PLN 12

In the article "Vets finally make it back to Iwo Jima" written by The Denver Post, is about a 65 year "reunion" of the bloody battle in World War 2. Some people in the war weren't able to complete the mission of going through each island so the Pentagon allowed them to go explore what they didn't see. This article is important to the world because it reminds every one about a time of grief and sorrow. This is important to education because psychologists can study the effects on World War 2 veterans after they arrive to the island. This is important to me because family members of mine were in this war.