Tuesday, August 25, 2009


What matters to me in the video "Did you Know" by Karl Fisch is the fact that America is so technologically and educationally advanced. One example of a technologically advanced reason would be myspace. If myspace were it's own country it would be the fifth largest country in the world. The average American checks his or her myspace at least 30 times a day. Also,the amount of texting in the U.S. The amount of texts sent by every American would equal more than the worlds population. Some educationally advanced reasons would be the amount of jobs available to to the average learner compared to Europe. The average learning American has 10 to 14 available jobs. But in Europe the average learner has only 4 to 6 jobs available. Another educationally advanced reason would be how many books are published a day. Up to 3,000 books are published a day. Oh, did I mention that they are newly written books. Overall, America is very fortunate to be so technologically and educationally advanced.

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