Monday, October 26, 2009

PLN 15

In the article "Our Googley Advice to Students: Major in Learning" by Johnathan Rosenberg explains what companies look for in an employee. One thing that companies look for in an employee the most is a person who can non-routine problem solving skills. Some other skills that companies look for are people with communication skills and who have the willingness to experiment. This is important to education because students need to know how to solve problems they might encounter on tests, assignments, projects, and more. This is important to the world because the government needs to know how to deal with economic problems, people need to know how to get out of difficult situations and need to learn these skills for their businesses. I need to learn this skills if I want to be successful in life and have a good career. Everybody should take these skills into effect every day.

PLN 16

In the video "11 Years of Google in 2 Minutes" by Alex Chitu explains the vast expansion and technological advancements Google has made in the past 11 years. This is important to education because they can learn how to advertise online, they can connect to the network using blogger, use Google Maps, and much more. It's important to me because I can use the Google Map for History Class and Blogger for my English Class. All around the world people can use Google for businesses to connecting with others around the world. Google has quickly become one of the most powerful web browsers in the world and is still growing.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

PLN 14

In the article "Rigor Redefined" by Tony Wagner, he talks about the skills that students need to build successful careers. Tony interviewed Clay Parker, president of the Chemical Management Division of BOC Edwards (a company that makes machines and supplies chemicals for the manufacture of microelectronics devices). A few qualities Clay says he looks for when he hires young people are "...good question asking...someone who can engage in good discussion...can work in teams...and engage with customers." Clay gives seven survival skills that students need to master: critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration and leadership, agility and adaptability, initiative and entreprenuerialism, effective oral and written communication, accessing and analyzing information, and curiosity and imagination. If students can pick up and master these tricks, Clay believes that they will be able to survive the 21st century. This is important to the world, education, and myself if people want to be successful in life.

PLN 11

In the video "2020 Vision" by Karl Fisch, he explains his vision on the future up to the year 2020. He talks about ways that technology will begin to rule the world by becoming smarter that humans. This relates to Karl Fischs' other video "Did You Know?" In this video he talks about the use of technology to connect with others around the world. One example he gave in the video "Did You Know" was that if Facebook was its own country, it would be the fifth largest in the world. This is important to the world because this allows people to expand their imagination on the future, thusfar, making these videos true. This is important to education because students can have an idea of what to expect from technology in the future. I need to know this, especially if I want to be an inventor, because I can spread my imagination and possible make these technological advances become true. I believe that things that Mr. Fisch says in "2020 Vision," such as Google ruling the world, could become true because each day technology is becoming more and more advanced.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

PLN 10

In the article “Is Starbucks Killing Community?” by David Warlick, explains about the usage of Starbucks to the community. The once most socialized coffee shop has been corrupted by technology. Most people only come to Starbucks for a treat and WiFi. In my opinion, this is a very true statement because in all the years that I have gone to a local Starbucks, the environment has been peaceful and filled with laptops. This article can relate to Mr. Fisch's video called “Did You Know”. This article talks about the use of technology for things such as communication and how technology is slowly beginning to take over the world. Overall, this article explains the usage of technology in Starbucks and how it destroys communities.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PLN 13

In the artical "Keyboard vs. Pen" by Virginia Berninger, she tells us about the advantage of using a pen to write an essay over using technology to write an essay. Although it’s faster to type an essay, I prefer to write out my essay then type it after proofreading.I think writing it out makes it easier to check for mistakes and I usually get a better grade than if I were to type it out. I can see where I made my mistakes rather than having a computer do the work for me. Plus, reading off the computer usually makes people tired. I think kids should be more focused on the work rather than what will be faster to get it done.

PLN 12

In the article “Footprints In The Digital Age” by Will Richardson explains how the “ Web 2.0” is being used for things other than education, such as MySpace and Facebook. An example that he gives in this article is how kids are teaching themselves how to use technology for social networking, games, etc. He says “Many 7- and 8-year-olds are busy exploring Club Penguin and Webkinz with other 7- and 8-year-olds...middle schoolers are connecting with global warriors in World of Warcraft....adolescents preen themselves in front of their “friends” on MySpace and Facebook.” In other words people across the world are more interested in playing games or chatting on the internet with their “friends” than educating themselves with the technology that is provided for them. This article relates to Mr. Fische's video “Did You Know?” because he talks about the use of technology for connecting with others around the world and very little about people educating themselves. Mr. Fisch says “...if Facebook was its own country, it would be the fifth largest country in the world.” People need to realize the opportunities that others may not have that are lying right in front of them.