Monday, October 26, 2009

PLN 15

In the article "Our Googley Advice to Students: Major in Learning" by Johnathan Rosenberg explains what companies look for in an employee. One thing that companies look for in an employee the most is a person who can non-routine problem solving skills. Some other skills that companies look for are people with communication skills and who have the willingness to experiment. This is important to education because students need to know how to solve problems they might encounter on tests, assignments, projects, and more. This is important to the world because the government needs to know how to deal with economic problems, people need to know how to get out of difficult situations and need to learn these skills for their businesses. I need to learn this skills if I want to be successful in life and have a good career. Everybody should take these skills into effect every day.


  1. These skills are used daily, even when we may not realize. For example, when we decide what we are wearing for the day, that is a minor problem solving incident. The more major ones, such as the ones being discussed in this article are indeed very important in society. The more we practice solving problems, they better decisions we make. What are some ways that you can exercise your problem solving skills?

  2. Some ways we can exercise our problem solving skills are by taking upon ourself big projects or tasks and taking our time to critically think through assignment. We could even ask for others opinions and try to apply their ideas into this project.

  3. Good ideas! I think that could be very beneficial. Along with big projects or tasks can come frustration, but personally I think that's another factor of problem solving: dealing with frustration.