Sunday, October 25, 2009

PLN 11

In the video "2020 Vision" by Karl Fisch, he explains his vision on the future up to the year 2020. He talks about ways that technology will begin to rule the world by becoming smarter that humans. This relates to Karl Fischs' other video "Did You Know?" In this video he talks about the use of technology to connect with others around the world. One example he gave in the video "Did You Know" was that if Facebook was its own country, it would be the fifth largest in the world. This is important to the world because this allows people to expand their imagination on the future, thusfar, making these videos true. This is important to education because students can have an idea of what to expect from technology in the future. I need to know this, especially if I want to be an inventor, because I can spread my imagination and possible make these technological advances become true. I believe that things that Mr. Fisch says in "2020 Vision," such as Google ruling the world, could become true because each day technology is becoming more and more advanced.

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