Monday, November 23, 2009

PLN 25

In the video "Did You Know? 4.0" by Karl Fisch is about ways that technology is over powering the world, compares countries to eachother, and talks about how bad the economy is becoming. This vidoe is important to the world because people need to keep up with technology and the economy so that technology doesn't rule the world and they need to keep up with the economy so they don't go bankrupt. This is important to and education because if the economy is bad teachers could lose their jobs and they need to be up to date with technology. This is important to me because my parent or I, in the future, could lose our jobs.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PLN 24

In the article "Report: Colorado not expanding economic competitiveness" by Aldo Svaldi is about Colorado not putting forth the effort to make new jobs and expand the economy. This is important to education because if the economy doesn't begin to grow then schools could get shut down. This is important to the world because if other states or countries begin to lose the flow of money and the economy starts to shrink then that state or country could eventually go bankrupt and possibly suffer a depression. This is important to me, especially since I live in Colorado, because my parents could lose their job or go bankrupt.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

PLN 23

In the article "Splash! NASA moon crash struck lots of water" by Alicia Chang is about two NASA spacecrafts that crashed on the moon and found a large amount of water. This significant amount of water found on the moon can help set up a base camp for astronauts and provide water and rocket fuel. This is important for the world because it shows that some life can survive on the moon. This is important to education because scientist's can study the particles in the water to determine what can survive on the moon. I believe that one day we will be able to live on the moon as if we were living on the Earth.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PLN 22

Put forth our best writing selves

In the article "Put forth our best writhing selves" by Douglas Hesse is about ways that technology has destroyed writing. Douglas tells how technology is so much more advanced from twenty years ago. He says things such as sending pictures to a relative in Afghanistan is no problem and you can make a thirty minute slide show very quickly. This relates to Clive Thompson's article "The New Literacy" and Karl Fisch's video "Did You Know?" because they both explain ways that technology is taking over society and how people write. I believe that technology that allows you to chat should have a program similar to word to force people to write better.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PLN 21

In the article "United Pilot from Colorado Charged with being Drunk" by Joey Bunch talks about a pilot from Lakewood named Erwin Vermont Washington and was arrested in Scotland Yard for being drunk before leading a trans. Erwin is an Air Force Veteran and was a star basketball player for the Air Force Academy. Before entering the academy, Erwin served two years in the service, including as a gunner aboard the B-52 Bomber. This incident, if not stopped by the police, could have resulted in the fate of many peoples lives. This article proves the need for, not only pilots but also people boarding, stricter safety checks before boarding a plane.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

PLN 17

In the article "ICT4D: When mobile phones link with computers" by John Liebhardt talks about "new tools that individuals, groups, companies and governments can use to develop new projects around information and communication technologies." ICT4D's can help the world connect with other people and voice their opinions on government issues, economical issues, and more. Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) can help student gather information for class projects, assignments, etc. I can use this information for school work and, when I'm older, to find information for my business. I believe that if more people use ICT4D that the we would have less economic, global, and world problems.