Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PLN 21

In the article "United Pilot from Colorado Charged with being Drunk" by Joey Bunch talks about a pilot from Lakewood named Erwin Vermont Washington and was arrested in Scotland Yard for being drunk before leading a trans. Erwin is an Air Force Veteran and was a star basketball player for the Air Force Academy. Before entering the academy, Erwin served two years in the service, including as a gunner aboard the B-52 Bomber. This incident, if not stopped by the police, could have resulted in the fate of many peoples lives. This article proves the need for, not only pilots but also people boarding, stricter safety checks before boarding a plane.

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  1. That's very true. I like how you said that pilots also need to be checked. What do yo think are some stricter safety checks that could be made before boarding a plane? In North America they are extremely strict...but could they be stricter?