Monday, January 25, 2010

PLN 04

In my presumption, the usage of laptops in the LPS district has a dramatic effect on students and teachers. Students who bring their laptops are able to take notes, write essays, use Blogger for assignments, and take it home to work on or bring it to school to turn in. The teachers who bring their laptops in can give notes to the students and make the notes at school or at home, add grades, update teacher pages, or even show what the homework is for that day or week. This is important to education because students, scientists, and every day workers use laptops to do assignment, blog, write notes, or write reports. This is important to the world because it allows people from other countries to connect with each other. This is important to me because I have homework assignments to do and a laptop makes things easier. I believe that laptops are an essential key in high school because there are multiple assignments online and essays that need to be typed.

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