Tuesday, April 20, 2010

PLN 24

In the article "Reward for Kayleah leads increased to $20,000 as tail grows cold" by Monte Whale, explains how a little girl named Kayleah disappeared one day and there still haven't been any answers to what happened that day so FBI and Police officers have raised the rewards to $20,000. In a previous post called "Posse searches for 12-year-old missing girl" by Kirk Mitchell explains how Kayleah went to a friends birthday party and walked there then ended up missing. This is important to the world because it shows how easy it is for someone to lose a loved at any time. It also shows how difficult it can be to find where the person who was kidnapped went. This is important to the education of the FBI and Police officers because any lead on where she went could be a piece of this confusing puzzle. This is important to me because if I knew anything about what happened to her I could help find her.

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