Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PLN 14

In the article "Boulder wants to trim music for 5th-graders" by Vanessa Miller, is about a Boulder school that plans on cutting music programs for their 5th-graders. They believe that this will allow them to have more learning time in other classes and improve their grades. Trimming down music program time will also cut budgets for the parents of the students. This is important to the world because the importance of a good education is greater than that of a musical education. The schools, children, and parents need to have school come first then music if the student is passing with good grades. This is important to educations because it shows how schools are finding that music class is lowering the grades and focus of students. This is important to me because I play a sport and school needs to come first so that if I don't succeed in my sports I would still have a good education and find another job.

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