Saturday, March 13, 2010

PLN 15

In the article “Rockets snap Nugets’ 6-game win streak” by Chris Dempsey explains an unfortunate loss, after a 6-game winning streak, for the Denver Nuggets. With the final 40 seconds the rockets scored 2 points putting them up 122-121. After that, with a turnover and foul by the Nuggets, one of two free throws were made and he Rockets were now up by2 points. Carmelo Anthony scored two points, tying the score. But with a three pointer scored by the Rockets, the Nuggets had lost. This is important to the sporting world because it show the amount of hard work and dedication between the two teams. This is important to the education of the two teams because they'll watch the video of the game and improve on their mistakes. This is important to me because my favorite team is the Nuggets and I would like to see them win every game.

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