Saturday, March 20, 2010

PLN 18

In the post "Writing with Laptops Yr2" by Dan Maas is about students being able to use laptops in class. It talks about an earlier blog from students in 5Th, 6Th, and 9Th grade who gave the benefits of a laptop. On his blog "Writing with Laptops Yr2" I wrote:
Going into Arapahoe High School gave me new opportunities, especially using a laptop in class. In my English class, my teacher always has us use laptops in class. She has us blog, look up things, do assignments, and many other things. Using laptops in class lets me do things that I couldn't do before. It allows me to look up things that I don't know. It allows me to connect with other teachers and people around the world to learn new things. If we couldn't use laptops next year I think that it would be hard to learn things in school. I believe that I have become a better student now that I have the ability to use laptops in class. I can type up a report, do my homework, or look things up for class.

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